Brace Yourself For Better Oral Health

Brace Yourself For Better Oral Health

Discover the benefits of getting braces when you’re an adult at Ortho3 in Sydney

When considering orthodontic treatment many people immediately consider the cosmetic benefits. However, there are medical benefits to straightening your teeth which may help you prevent disease. Research has shown that crooked and crowded teeth increase chances of periodontal disease (which is a known contributor to risks of heart disease), temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) as well as increased risk of decay and cavities.

At Ortho3 we pride ourselves in offering a great range of products that will suit your orthodontic needs as well fit into your lifestyle making straightening your teeth easy for you.

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Make oral health easier to achieve

Crooked, overlapping and overcrowded teeth are harder to clean. The positioning of the teeth create places that are hard to reach during daily brushing and flossing. This means there are areas in your mouth that are vulnerable to bacteria and decay even with a rigorous oral hygiene routine.

Straightening your teeth gives you access to more of the surface area of your teeth allowing you to keep more of your teeth clean and avoid unreachable, hard-to-clean crevices which provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and trap food particles.

Straighten without the wires

Teeth straightening is traditionally associated with wire braces and food restrictions and while these types of traditional braces are sometimes recommended they are not the only option to straighten your smile.

Invisible aligners and lingual braces

Invisible aligners and lingual braces (braces installed behind the teeth) are popular choices for inconspicuous tooth alignment and straightening. These options are both parts of the large range of orthodontic appliances offered at Ortho3.

A better oral environment

Plaque and tartar can build around crooked and misaligned teeth much easier because they are harder to clean, making gum disease a serious concern for people with crooked teeth.

Periodontitis can lead to sore and receding gums and if left untreated can lead to bone and tooth loss.

Correcting crooked teeth and gaps may not prevent periodontal disease but in conjunction with good oral hygiene, it can help prevent gum disease and create a better oral environment, reducing your risk of gum disease and tooth loss.

Improved jaw health and positioning

Another function of orthodontics is to correct your bite which may be an overbite, underbite or crossbite causing difficulty with oral functions and sometimes in the case of TMD (temporomandibular disorder) facial pain, muscle tiredness, tension in your face, headaches, or chronic clenching and neck and shoulder pain.

Bite correction is one of the non-surgical ways through which TMD can be relieved. By correcting your bite, you set your jaw to a more comfortable position where it can function without causing you pain and discomfort.

You are never too old to take care of your teeth

Although it is recommended to seek orthodontic treatment as soon as all your permanent teeth have come in, treatment is still possible at any age.

Correcting the positioning of your teeth and jaw as you get older may require a longer duration of treatment however it can produce permanent and beneficial results.

Advancements in orthodontics have produced a range of appliances that are suitable for the workplace and cause minimal discomfort and inconvenience. With consultation and patience, it is possible to find a treatment that will assist with your concerns while fitting into your lifestyle with nominal adjustments.

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