Your first visit

Your First Orthodontic Consultation, Sydney City & Bondi Junction

Initial Visit:

During your first visit to our Woollahra or Macquarie St practice, Dr Lester will conduct a detailed examination of your:

  • Facial Form
  • Jaw and Oral Structures
  • Tooth Alignment
  • Bite Relationships (occlusion)

Dr Lester will then use this information to explore the various treatment options suitable to your needs and their associated costs. This is a great time to discuss all of your concerns, so please feel free to ask any questions. Where applicable, diagnostic records will be obtained such as mouth moulds, photographs and X-rays to fully evaluate your orthodontic problem, and plan your specific treatment.

Second Visit:

Dr Lester will discuss the treatment proposal with you in detail. Explaining what the diagnostic records have revealed, what treatment options are available, a treatment timeline and an estimated cost. Most importantly during this visit you will discover what results you can expect.

Periodic Visits: Once treatment commences Dr Lester will advise you on how often you need to be seen, this will depend on your individual treatment requirements. This can range from one to eight weeks on a regular basis.

Retention Visits: The important final phase of your treatment is called “retention”. Retainers are designed to hold your teeth straight whilst the supporting structures around your teeth (bone, gums, ligaments and muscles) adapt to the newly established position. During these less frequent visits Dr Lester will monitor your beautiful new smile.

Fees: It is important for you to know what fees are involved before any treatment is commenced. An estimate of future costs can be provided on your first visit. Our fee structure allows payments to be spread out in instalments over the period of active treatment. We offer a range of payment options by accepting VISA, Mastercard, cheque and cash. All necessary documentation is provided to assist you with your health fund claims.

Your first visit at Ortho3

If you are ready to book in your first visit with the experienced team at Ortho3, please contact us today!