The Facts about Lingual Braces

The Facts about Lingual Braces

What if I told you that you can have braces on the back of your teeth? Completely hidden and proven to be effective, lingual braces at Ortho3 may be the treatment for you.

What are lingual braces?

Often referred to as invisible braces, lingual braces are the discreet orthodontic solution changing the way people view braces. They achieve the same results as traditional braces with a more invisible approach. Does it sound too good to be true? The team here at Ortho3 can make it happen.

Are lingual braces completely hidden?

The ‘metal mouth’ stigma is completely overturned with lingual braces. Unlike traditional braces, lingual braces are bonded to the inside of your teeth. This keeps the metal out of sight, leaving you with an unobstructed smile.

Adults and adolescents alike opt for this treatment, primarily because they get to keep a natural smile. Lingual braces are completely undetectable – it could be your little secret!

How do lingual braces work?

This hidden system works with brackets and wire bonded to the back of your teeth. Each bracket is custom-made to fit comfortably onto your teeth. Once the lingual braces have been placed, most patients experience a slight adjustment period. Your tongue will quickly adjust to the orthodontic device.

Do lingual braces work?

While other ‘visually pleasing’ treatments work, none are as effective as lingual braces. As fixed brackets are used to move the teeth, your orthodontist is able to manipulate movement precisely. It also means that more complex cases can also be treated (an option that clear aligners do not offer). This precision means your orthodontist will be able to provide you with tailored results.

Can lingual braces be removed?

Unlike their clear aligner counterparts, lingual braces are bonded to your teeth. For many patients, this is an advantage. Where there is the temptation to remove aligners, lingual braces will always be hard at work. This helps you get the most out of your treatment.

Lingual braces treatment time

Despite what you might think, lingual braces do not take long. In fact, they have the same estimated treatment time as traditional metal braces and clear aligners. Treatment time varies from 12—24 months depending on your orthodontic requirements.

Are invisible braces more expensive?

Yes, lingual braces tend to be more costly than traditional braces. The extra costs are due to the fact it is a custom-made appliance specifically for every tooth (not a stock bracket system), robotically bent precision archwires and longer regular chair time needed for each adjustment.

Do lingual braces affect speech?

Having an apparatus connected to the back of your teeth will take some time to get used to. For most, the ‘break in’ period is about 2 weeks.

Do lingual braces have dietary restrictions?

Dietary restrictions are a part of any orthodontic treatment. Diet restrictions when undertaking traditional orthodontic work still apply to lingual braces. This includes avoiding sticky, sugary and hard foods.

Are lingual braces worth it?

Lingual braces are worth it. Not only are they discreet, they allow for a highly tailored orthodontic experience without sacrificing your natural smile. Don’t waste another minute; your perfect smile is waiting for you!

Find out more about lingual braces here.

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During your initial consultation, Dr Lester will discuss the lingual braces system, the treatment process and identify if you are a suitable candidate.

To find out more about lingual braces, or to book an appointment, please contact Ortho3 today.