Teeth Retainers Sydney City & Bondi Junction

Retainers help with the most important part of your treatment, maintaining the results.

  • Prevent future crowding
  • Easily integrated into daily routine
  • Designed to suit your unique needs
  • Hold your teeth and bite in position
  • Custom fabricated for comfort

“The purpose of a retainer is to retain your teeth in the straight position your braces or orthodontic treatment placed them in. If a patient chooses not to wear it, their teeth can revert back into the position they were once in prior to the treatment.”

Dr Kerry Lester, Specialist Orthodontist

You and your retainer

After Dr Kerry Lester and our orthodontic professionals have ensured the desired results have been achieved, it is crucial we follow up treatment with a retainer. From both our Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction practices we supply patients with custom made retainers in order to prevent the migration of teeth back to their original position.

The final step of orthodontic treatment

As the teeth are shifted to suit the patient’s smile and oral health, it is crucial to understand that your teeth often have the potential to move back into their original placement. As a general tendency, teeth tend to crowd and overlap as we age. The best way to prevent this from happening is by diligently wearing your retainer.

Preventing future misalignment

While orthodontic treatment can reposition the smile and align the jaws, it is common for our patients’ oral condition to return to that which it previously was without the assistance of a retaining device. The choice to correct your oral health and the appearance of your smile with orthodontic treatment is often an ongoing decision. Despite this, wearing a retainer should be comfortable and simple and can be easily integrated into your daily life.

Retaining orthodontic correction

In order to maintain the results achieved throughout orthodontic treatment, our team will custom design your retainer at the conclusion of your treatment plan. As the retainer is custom-made, it will be built to address each patient’s specific oral condition and fit comfortably into the patient’s smile.

Choosing the suitable retainer for your needs

At Ortho3, we have a number of different retainer styles to suit your specific oral condition. Generally, however, the retainer suitable will be made with a plastic base and metal wires that hold your teeth into place.

Bonded lingual wires

To retain orthodontic results our team can also place bonded lingual wires on the back of your teeth. These wires are hidden from view and are permanently attached to your teeth with a bonding agent. The bonded lingual wires should fit seamlessly into the back of the teeth and once patients become accustomed to this device they should not notice the presence of the wires.

These wires are a long-term solution to assist in retaining the orthodontic results achieved from treatment. If provided with bonded lingual wires your retainers only need to be worn at night.

Prevent future crowding

It is vital to combat the body’s tendency to shift misplaced teeth back to their former position if you wish to retain orthodontic results. If you never want future crowding, a degree of retainer wear will be necessary for the long-term maintenance of your smile.

During your initial consultation, Dr Kerry Lester, we can discuss your treatment with you and the later use of retainers.