Orthodontic Braces, Sydney & Bondi Junction

The most common method to correctly align teeth, establish a functional bite and a beautiful smile naturally!

  • Tried and true technology
  • Correct more complex concerns
  • Resolve both alignment and bite
  • Suitable for patients for all ages
  • Relatively cost effective

With a plethora of treatments available, we personalise the orthodontic treatment to fit in with the patient’s lifestyle, needs and also their desires.

Dr Kerry Lester, Specialist Orthodontist

Choosing Braces at Ortho3

As orthodontic technology continues to evolve with time, our team at Ortho3 have adopted new and improved treatments that are less conspicuous. With our two practices in Sydney’s CBD and Bondi Junction, we aim to provide a method of achieving complete facial harmony by offering traditional and ceramic style braces.

Traditional Braces

Using a combination of metal brackets and wires, our traditional provide a method of resolving a number of different correction and alignment concerns. Metal brackets and wires act as sophisticated handles and levers to ideally position individual teeth within the arch and to establish the correct bite relationship between the arches. In some cases, elastics are used to help the correction.

Ceramic Clear Braces

Many still think of braces as the metal type but modern braces can be virtually clear. Ceramic braces are not as noticeable and are suitable for most types of orthodontic problems. They can be used when invisible aligners are not suited or where the extra cost of lingual braces is a concern. The use of a “straightwire” type appliance prescription, such as traditional braces, provides the very best in high quality alignment and orthodontic correction of occlusal problems.

Braces; what’s involved?

There are a number of phases involved when receiving braces. Dr Kerry Lester and our orthodontic professionals at Ortho3 will take you through your treatment step-by-step to eliminate orthodontic anxiety.

Braces Stage 1 – Alignment

Most of the visible changes occur quickly where irregular and incorrectly positioned teeth are brought into alignment by the archwires that are highly flexible and gentle in action. This stage is usually completed within six months.

Braces Stage 2 – Bite Correction and Space Closure

This is a slower stage with stronger archwires. Your bite correction and space closure is achieved through the use of elastics. Good compliance is essential to keep your treatment progressing and on time. This stage is usually completed within six to nine months.

Braces Stage 3 – Detailing and Finishing

Individual tooth position is fine tuned to produce a highly aesthetic smile and functional bite. Minor movements are often required by placing specific bends in the archwires. Elastic wear may be continued during this stage and is usually completed within three to six months.

Braces Stage 4 – Retention and Retainers

Arguably the most important part of your treatment is maintaining the result. As a general tendency teeth tend to crowd and overlap as we age. The ONLY method to prevent this occurrence is meticulous retainer wear. It is necessary to continue your retainer wear every night for a minimum of 12 months. Optimal Age: Before 16 years of age, although adults can also be suitable candidates. Treatment Time: 12 months – 24 months. During your consultation we can discuss what braces option would be most suited to you. 

Braces Sydney

For more information on our range of orthodontic treatments available, please contact the friendly team at Ortho3 today.