Oral Appliances

Oral Appliances, Sydney City & Bondi Junction

At Ortho3 our orthopaedic, orthodontic and orthognathic treatment options are diversified to fit the individual needs and lifestyles of our patients.

Our trinity of services are made possible by our range of appliances, which all work to correct dental conditions in order to enhance your oral and overall health. We offer a number of different appliances to help correct a number of oral concerns. These appliances include:

Twin block plates

Twin Block Plates are designed to correctly position the lower jaw and improve the overall appearance of a patient’s face.

Optimal Age – before 16 years of age and prior to wearing braces as the face is still growing at this time.

Treatment Time – 9 – 12 months.

This appliance is highly successful when correcting bite problems, but it is entirely dependent on the diligence of the patient in wearing the plates full time. As twin block plates move the lower jaw into a forward position, they cannot detail the individual position of the teeth, which is done at a later stage with braces.


A Rapid Maxillary Expander (RME) is a fixed appliance designed to develop the upper arch (maxilla).

Expansion or arch development is designed to treat crowded or overlapping teeth, crossbites and narrow smiles. This device can create 8 – 12mm of expansion in a short amount of time.

Optimal Age – before 16 years of age but optimally around 8 – 10 years as the facial sutures or joints are most pliable then. Upper arch expansion is difficult for adults, and candidates may require surgical assistance to gain the same result.

Treatment Time – 6 – 9 months.

This treatment:

  • Permanently widens constricted upper arches.
  • Restores facial harmony.
  • Increases the space available to align crowded teeth.
  • Increases nasal airflow to improve some breathing problems.


The Facemask has the widest range of application and produces the most dramatic results in the shortest period for the treatment of Class III malocclusions in the developing dentition.

It is our appliance of choice for this problem as the Facemask affects both the skeletal and dental units which require correction. It aims to protract and widen the upper jaw whilst guiding the lower jaw down and back.

The ideal time to commence treatment is typically after the eruption of the permanent front teeth, around age 8 years.

For this therapy, three components are needed: A maxillary expander modified to include hooks; the Facemask (worn extra-orally at home), and elastics to apply traction.

The first step is to fit an expander to the upper arch to activate the sutures, which attach the maxilla to the skull. This will also aid the forward movement of the top jaw. Secondly, the Facemask is used with strong elastic forces, which are applied for approximately 20 hours per day for 4-6 months. After that period appliance wear is reduced to sleep time only for a further 3-6 months.

After the facemask and expander are removed, retainers will be required before the final phase of treatment is undertaken in the permanent dentition.


If you have any questions regarding the appliances we offer, or what treatments might be right for you, contact us today to book an appointment.