Orthopaedic services monitor and guide the progress of developing jaws in young patients

Orthopaedic treatment at Ortho3 in Sydney’s CBD and Bondi Junction is designed to instate facial harmony and correct functional imbalances in the bite and oro-facial structures of children. Correct facial growth also requires a clear airway and nasal respiration whilst awake and asleep. The goal of this early treatment is to minimise or eliminate skeletal, dental and muscular problems by the end of the transition into the permanent dentition.

The ideal age to shape children’s smiles

Orthopaedic treatments are usually done around eight years of age, prior to braces in adolescence and are commonly called Phase One therapy. By intercepting and preventing a malocclusion (misaligned bite) from fully forming, there is usually less need for extraction of permanent teeth resulting in a broader and fuller smile for life.

Treatment in the orthopaedic phase may range from simple supervision and guidance through to the use of fixed and removable appliances.  These devices either apply direct force to the teeth and the cranio-facial complex or stimulate and re-direct naturally occurring functional forces. Typically, it involves the use of expanders, plates or a facemask to widen the dental arches or align the jaws correctly.

Jaw Development and Overall Health

When evaluating each patient, Dr Lester examines the development of the upper and lower dental arch to see if there are any problems in relation to the patient’s airway, tongue posture, arch size, tooth positioning, jaw posture and head/neck. Lack of development in one or both jaws can have a dramatic effect on the ability to maintain nasal respiration and an open airway during sleep.

Developing a professional orthodontic partnership to safeguard children’s dental futures

Dr Lester and the supporting team of orthodontic professionals are passionate about creating lasting partnerships with their patients. During the childhood years, our youngest patients experience exponential growth, as well as laying the foundations for their unique character and personal habits.

By creating positive connotations towards maintaining excellent oral health and visiting the orthodontist, you can help eliminate dental anxiety and ensure your child maintains their smile. In creating a familiarity between your child and our orthodontic team we can also work towards a common orthodontic goal. Your child can feel comfortable and relaxed knowing that their orthodontic professional understands their unique orthodontic condition.

If your child is around eight years old, our orthodontic team can assess their orthodontic condition and identify the most optimal method for correcting and safeguarding their smile.