Looking for a better smile? But not sure what is the right treatment for you?

Looking for a better smile? But not sure what is the right treatment for you?

Every adult wishes for the perfect smile but when you imagine yourself with the old traditional braces does it scare you off?

For many of us, the answer is a big YES!!!

The good news is you can now have the smile of your dreams without braces. In today’s world, technology has advanced drastically and orthodontic treatment has evolved too. Getting a better smile no longer has to involve the use of old traditional braces; there are new techniques which can suit you much better.

Let’s see what is available in the magic box of orthodontic treatments.

Traditional Braces/Clear Braces

Everyone is aware of the big old metal braces clearly visible sitting in front of your teeth, but even the old braces have a new look. Traditional braces are now having a sleek look compared to the old chunky steel look. It is a widely used technique, but if you still don’t wish to have any metal visible in front of your teeth, maybe you’d prefer clear braces? These braces provide all the benefits of traditional braces but feature clear brackets and tooth-colour wires which make them far less obvious than the traditional metal look.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are nothing similar to traditional braces. They are the magic braces which won’t be visible to anyone. Wonder why? Lingual braces are fitted on the inner side of the teeth, meaning they are completely hidden from view. It takes away the scary picture of braces, allowing you to feel more confident when wearing braces. They provide almost all the same benefits of traditional braces, but they work silent behind the scenes.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners have become an increasingly popular straightening solution, especially for adults opting for a more discreet and removable option. Clear aligners are a series of removable plastic aligners which completely do away with the wires and brackets used on other kinds of braces. They are also quite comfortable and give you flexibility during your treatment. The only downside is that clear aligner may not be suitable for certain tooth movements, but this can be overcome by combining aligners with other techniques to get that perfect smile. Dr Kerry Lester can guide you through this process.

Which orthodontic treatment is the best one for me?

After reading about the different orthodontic treatments available, you may have a treatment preference. However, each person has unique circumstances and needs when it comes to getting the perfect smile; there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Each orthodontic treatment result will differ from one person to another and each treatment option comes with its own advantages and drawbacks. In order to determine the most suitable treatment for you, we highly recommend a comprehensive consultation with Dr Kerry Lester; a specialist orthodontist for over 20 years.

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