The importance of braces at an early age

The importance of braces at an early age

The importance of braces at an early age

Orthodontic treatment, much to many parent’s surprises, is not only limited to older children and teens for alignment and spacing issues. Orthodontic treatment at a younger age means that orthodontists can intervene and provide appropriate treatment just as teeth begin to develop.

Why choose braces at an early age?

Apart from the cosmetic benefits, beginning orthodontic treatment at a young age has a number of advantages.

  • It can reduce the amount of orthodontic treatment required at a later stage
  • Early treatment allows the orthodontist to guide the teeth into the correct position which may prevent the removal of teeth and improve bite relationships
  • Tooth decay is more easily preventable because straighter teeth make for easier cleaning

What are the benefits of early orthodontics?

Early intervention takes advantage of the fact that a child’s jaw is still growing and is particularly useful when the dental arches and jaws are in not in the correct position. Braces and functional appliances can fix or help to improve these problems so that later on, any further treatment required is shorter and less involved. It is important to note that early treatment does not apply to all orthodontic problems but can help in certain cases.

Children’s braces

Permanent teeth usually begin coming in at age 6 or 7 which is when any orthodontic problems would begin to present themselves.  Because bones are still growing, it is the ideal time for evaluation and orthodontic treatment. Technological improvements have made children’s braces more comfortable and attractive than they were in the past. In order to make braces more fun and acceptable for young people, manufacturers have created brightly coloured elastics which allows the child to have a say in the colour and feel as though they are more involved in the treatment.

Preventative orthodontics

The main difference between children’s orthodontics and the adult version is that when it comes to children, the treatments are predominantly preventative in nature. Wearing braces during childhood has significant advantages mainly due to how easily their growing teeth and jaws can be easily shaped, allowing them a beautiful and healthy smile in adulthood. Other benefits of Early Orthodontic Intervention include:

  • Identifying and preventing further development of poor oral habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and mouth breathing
  • Preventing developmental flaws in jaw and teeth before they can develop into bad habits or even TMJ disorders
  • Reducing the need for future treatments including extractions or surgery
  • And obtaining higher quality results with a lower risk of complications

When is the best time to visit the orthodontist?

If your little one has no pre-existing conditions, then the best time to see a dentist for orthodontics is between 6 – 7. It is vital to understand that some conditions may need to be left until the child is a little older before it can be treated.

If you would like to book an orthodontic appointment for your child or are considering Early Orthodontic Intervention, please feel free to contact Ortho3 to book an appointment today.