Famous celebrities who used lingual braces to straighten their smiles

Famous celebrities who used lingual braces to straighten their smiles

While it’s sometimes hard to believe, even celebs need orthodontic work done to improve the function and aesthetics of their smile. We take a look at some famous celebs who opted for lingual braces to straighten their smiles.

1.      Kate Middleton

The beautiful Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, reportedly used lingual braces before her royal wedding. Amazingly, though she was under such media scrutiny and was photographed religiously in the lead up to her wedding day, there is no photographic evidence of the braces. The fact was simply leaked to the press by sources close to Kate. This goes to show how invisible lingual braces can be.

2.      Miley Cyrus

Miley’s transformation from Disney princess to the provocative pop star would not have been complete without the use of lingual braces. The teen had overcrowding, a misaligned bite and crooked teeth during her Hannah Montana days, which is all but a distant memory after her smile makeover. Miley wore lingual braces for a few years and likely opted for veneers to finish off the treatment.

3.      Leila McKinnon, A Current Affair host

The A Current Affair host opted for lingual braces to straighten her smile and fix her anterior bite, the perfect option for her profession as the braces were completely invisible to her audience. However, it was revealed publicly that she had received the braces after she developed an on-air lisp the week after getting her braces attached.

4.      Sharon Farrell, YouTube make-up artist

Sydney make-up artist, Sharon Farrell, is currently undergoing a smile transformation with Incognito lingual braces and vlogging her journey. Again, for her profession, the lingual braces option was the most appropriate as she thought traditional braces “might be a little bit distracting.”

Celebrity Smiles

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