Creating a facial harmony for children

Creating a facial harmony for children

Guiding the growth of developing jaws in young patients

Our orthodontic professionals are passionate about the development of jawbone structure and teeth placement in our youngest patients from our Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction practice locations. Orthopaedic treatment is designed to achieve a state of facial harmony and correct any potential functional imbalances in the bite and oral facial structures of children.
A clear airway and nasal respiration both while children are awake and asleep can facilitate correct facial growth. The ultimate goal of orthopaedic care here at Orhto3 is to minimise or eliminate skeletal, dental and muscular concerns in the early stages of dentition.
Orthopaedic care is important here at our Bondi Junction and Sydney CBD practice locations as these concerns are often much easier to correct before our patient’s transition into their permanent dentition, in other words before the teeth and jaw structure are cemented into place.


When should you bring your child in for an orthodontic examination?

Our orthodontic professionals advise that around 8 years old is the ideal time to bring children in for an orthopaedic assessment. This initial stage of treatment is otherwise known as phase one therapy. This stage can be an ideal time to intervene as the signs of an incorrect bite alignment are often present, however, at this stage, the condition will still be malleable.


What is involved in treatment?

Treatment options within phase one intervention can range from simple supervision and guidance through to the use of fixed and removable appliances. In the event that a fixed or removable appliance is required, Dr Kerry Lester will ensure the appropriate level of pressure and force is applied to shift the teeth or jaws into the correct positioning. In this circumstance your child will most probably be prescribed one of the below:


  • Expanders
  • Plates
  • Facemask

What are the benefits of early intervention?

Early intervention is often extremely beneficial in order to correct concerns before they develop into more extensive problems. Ultimately orthopaedic care has the potential to save you and your child time and money later down the truck. Treatment at this time is also often less invasive and more comfortable.
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